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Our core focus is to help businesses across the UK to achieve their environmental and sustainability goals through better management of onsite waste services via the usage of bespoke onsite waste management solutions and the utilisation of waste technology.

The Waste Technology Group

We are solutions designers, commodities traders and project managers, but we all share a commitment to finding cutting edge waste management solutions that use the latest technologies in the waste and recycling industry that reduce clients’ waste spend, take care of compliance and minimise harm done to the environment.

We work nationwide, across all sectors and encompass all waste management services. Whatever your business’s size and scale, and whatever your waste stream, we can design a waste strategy that works for you, your bottom line, and the environment too.

Solution Design

Our team of solution designers have vast experience in designing onsite waste management solutions across all business sectors. Solutions designed tend to achieve 15% savings from day 1 and an uplift in recycling rates by 60%. Call us to day to arrange for a no obligation waste review.

Fixed Cost Waste Management

Our fixed cost waste management model gives you peace of mind by giving you full visibility of your monthly spend on waste and recycling services.

By allowing us to analyse 12 months of your historic waste and recycling data either via invoices or waste reports, we are able to work out collection and tonnage allowances and build them into a fixed monthly cost. If you ever need any extra services, you can order these on an ad-hoc basis on top of your fixed cost giving you greater budgetary and spend control.

And no more surprising invoices landing in your inbox!

National Coverage

Coverage is king! Which is why we have developed our fully compliant supply chain to ensure we have coverage across the whole of the UK on a 3 contractor to 1 area basis. This ensures we can provide the highest level of service anywhere in the UK.


Waste Carriers Licences, Waste Transfer Notes, Hazardous Waste Licensing, Consignment Notes, WEEE Compliance, End Points of Disposal... The list is endless. And understandably if your main business is not waste management, very hard to keep track of. 

Our business is waste management and ensuring that all of the contractors that we appoint to service your site are compliant and hold all the relevant licences, giving you the confidence and security that your waste is going to the right place and not ending up where it shouldn't be.

Zero to landfill

The UK currently produces around 300 million tonnes of waste every year. Current forecasts suggest that there are just five years of landfill capacity left in the UK. This means that by 2024, as a nation, we will need to have committed to a complete alternative for the treatment of waste. We believe that no-one needs to be waiting to make changes. The alternatives are available now, and clients who have partnered with us are already reaping the benefits of making those changes. Our objective with every organisation we work with is zero percent of your waste sent to landfill within 12 months of working with us. With some of our clients, this has been possible from day one, with a few simple changes.

Contact us today to find out how you can become part of the solution.

Recycling & Cost Optimisation

The technology needed to recycle the vast majority of the resources we use and throw away, exists now.  At the Waste Technology Group we specialise in finding these cutting edge recycling solutions, and bringing them to our clients.

Landfill is an expensive way to deal with waste. Food waste, for example, is £44 per tonne cheaper to recycle than it is to dump in landfill. And yet most businesses pay to have their food waste taken to landfill.  Our model not only saves you money, but in some cases will deliver you a rebate on your recyclable waste, yielding financial benefits for your organisation too. Much of the materials that are taken to landfill are valuable resources that could be earning your organisation an income. Our model finds the value in your recyclables and returns it to you with our Shared Savings Scheme.

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