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Burghley House, one of ten treasure houses in the UK, set on 132 acres of parkland is open to the public for leisure, houses a visitor centre and restaurants and offers facilities for public and private events throughout the year.

Project Details

  • Package
    Eco 360
  • Primary Focus
    Increase Recycling Levels
  • Location
    Stamford, Peterborough
  • Project Term
    Not Disclosed
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Case Study
Before engaging us as their sole waste management provider, Burghley House were operating an inefficient, direct contractor led solution onsite, which resulted in 59% of their waste being sent to landfill. An abundance of wheeled bins meant that vehicle traffic to their site was frequent, which, as well as negatively impacting on their environmental credentials, had Health and Safety implications considering the heavy footfall of public pedestrians around the site. 
Site management had no visibility on recycling levels which, coupled with a lack of understanding as to how waste was treated once it left their site, resulted in a lack of motivation to segregate their waste at source. 
The public park areas were serviced by General Waste bins only. This worked against the profile of a sustainable site that the Estate Management were trying to develop as visitors were unable to segregate waste for recycling. As a result, General Waste levels were higher than necessary. Given that it is considerably cheaper to have Dry Mixed Recycling collected than General Waste, this had significant financial implications as well as environmental. With this as the clear starting point of the project, we produced scaled-down signage for the public areas and installed them to banks of bins in the public park areas, reallocating 50% of the General Waste bins to Dry Mixed Recycling. Not only did this give visitors the opportunity to segregate their waste, it enabled the site to promote their environmental efforts to the public. Shortly after, recycling levels increased which was reflected in a further reduction of General Waste. 
The next phase was to source and install compaction technology onsite (at zero capital outlay to the client), which enabled us to reduce vehicle movements to the site from weekly to bi-monthly collections. This made a significant improvement to the client's carbon footprint.  
Wherever there is a change to a process, we believe education and training are core to the success of the solution. We facilitated training sessions with a cross-section of Burghley's staff, highlighting the importance of responsible waste management and at-source segregation. The installation of bespoke designed signage in the back-of-house bin store area serves as a constant reminder of that training and embeds the site's culture of efficient and responsible waste management. 
Our monthly reporting to the client provides them with an understanding of how their waste fluctuates and offers a consultative approach which highlights areas that need targeting in order to continually improve. Our unique traffic light system highlights their levels of recycling and advises how efficiently they are segregating their waste.  
Burghley are now able to circulate details of the report to their colleagues so that each member of staff is invested in their efforts and are more motivated to segregate waste efficiently. This gives them the opportunity to reinforce their efforts - either as motivation to retain their recycling levels or as an incentive to do better.  
Our technology-led solution has resulted in 99.64% of Burghley's waste being diverted from Landfill and the site are enjoying a 25% reduction in waste costs. 

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