Case Study


DesignPlan Lighting are an LED lighting manufacturer based out of Sutton, South London. Pioneers in the LED lighting industry, they have a strong 50 year heritage with their product range sold in 140 countries worldwide.

The Waste Technology Group were appointed in 2019 as their strategic waste management partner to help them achieve their recycling and sustainability goals and improve on the service levels they were receiving from the direct contractor appointed to service their site prior to us taking over. 

Project Details

  • Package
    Eco 360
  • Primary Focus
    Improve Recycling & Service Levels
  • Location
    Sutton, South London
  • Project Term
    Not Disclosed
  • Equipment Included

Case Study

Designplan Lighting operates out of a large purpose built factory in Sutton, South London. They design and manufacture lighting for commercial use. 

Before engaging with The Waste Technology Group to manage their waste services, they were reliant on multiple contractors and dealing with any issues was a laborious task for their Facilities Management. The site lacked visibility on how much waste left their site and received no reporting from their contractors. Although they segregated waste into some streams, staff weren't fully invested in their recycling efforts as there was little strategy in place. 
The solution we put in place had a clear focus on improving Designplan's recycling levels and enabled them to further segregate their waste. We facilitated education sessions with a cross-section of their staff so that they could understand the reasoning behind the solution and act as ambassadors within their department. These sessions had a positive impact on the operations across the factory floor; staff were engaged and approached us with questions about specific materials they worked with and made suggestions as to how they could further segregate hard to recycle materials in order to limit contamination. Bespoke signage was also provided and displayed by each workbench to further assist with efficient segregation. 
The site had a long-standing relationship with one of their contractors and had expressed a desire for the contractor to remain on site. Because we aren't tied to any contractors, we were able to work with Designplan's prefered supplier and simply manage that relationship for them.  
During the project, Designplan have evolved their internal operations and have significantly increased the volume recyclable waste they produce. We have continued to work with Designplan to evolve their solution in order to cope with the increase of waste. 
By working with us to focus on efficient segregation, the amount of General Waste the site produces has significantly reduced and their recycling levels are far outperforming their original targets. The monthly report we issue to Designplan provides details of the levels of waste leaving the site each month. Our unique traffic light system highlights their levels of recycling and advises how efficiently they are segregating their waste.  Designplan regularly circulates the report to their colleagues so that each member of staff is invested in their efforts and are more motivated to segregate waste efficiently.
During the next phase of the project, we will be working with the site team to evolve the solution with the introduction of compaction technology and further segregation of their wood waste in order than they can benefit from a rebate on some materials. 

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