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Now more than ever, we need everyone to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.


Our business was formed from an understanding that the traditional ways of managing waste are outdated, unsustainable, and no longer work for anyone but the companies whose profit models are built on end users producing ever increasing amounts of waste. So we set out to do something about it.

Our enthusiasm and passion for this vision is infectious. Some of those companies who originally came to us for our cost saving expertise, have ended up being the most ardent advocates of our transformative, sustainable practices and our Zero to Landfill philosophy.

But we know that initially, change can feel scary.  Whilst the law is slowly starting to catch up with the scientific evidence, it can take much longer for these messages to filter down to people’s everyday habits.

That’s why, as a company, we invest so much effort in education and communication. We believe that if people understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, they’re more likely to actively work towards the same goals. And more likely to become a part of the solution.

We’re not here to preach, however, we often find that once people have all the facts, we don’t need to. The ideas sell themselves.

What we can provide you

We all know the importance of recycling waste at home. There is no reason why your staff can’t be doing the same at work. Committing to similar changes within your business isn’t as difficult as you may initially imagine. We are with you every step of the way, providing all the education, service support, reporting, compliance and account management you need to help you on your Zero to Landfill journey, and helping you to realise the significant benefits it can bring to your organisation.

As part of our available services, we provide information packs and training, tailored for your organisation or institution, with the aim of raising awareness, changing behaviour, promoting good practices and challenging assumptions. Our environmental education programmes have been used in workplaces, schools, clubs and by community organisations. We design our training to focus on helping people to understand the issues, the problems that underlie them and the approaches that can be taken to address them.

We’re not here to preach, however, we often find that once people have all the facts, we don’t need to. The ideas sell themselves.

We’re pretty evangelical when it comes to what we do. If your organisation recognises the importance of limiting your impact on the environment, we can help you communicate that message too.


Intelligent CRM

Our CRM system has smart routing built in. This means if you call with an enquiry, your case remains open with that customer service representative till its closed. No more explaining the situation 10 x over!

24/7 Customer Service

If your business is open, so are we. Our customer service team is on the end of the phone 24/7 to help you with any service related enquiries. 

Dedicated Customer Care

We promise that you will deal with the same customer service representative throughout your whole enquiry.

Service Offering

Our levels of service support don't end there. We pride 0urselves on our levels of customer care and have a complete package to support our clients from your very first phone call and throughout your time with us.

Account Management

Any client on the 180 or 360 package has access to a dedicated account manager. They are there to meet with you on a quarterly or half yearly basis to go through your sites performance and to keep you on track with your environmental and sustainability goals. They are also there as a point of escalation if you ever need them.

Email Support

Don't have time to call? You can log any service enquiries at any time of the day via our dedicated customer service email address: We promise to get back to you with a response in 1 hour. 

Waste Review

If you are interested in working with us and would like explore how we can help you. One of our Solutions Designers will come and meet you onsite and conduct a waste review. From the information they gather, they will put together a proposal of how we can help you and the levels of increased recycling, sustainability and savings you can expect to receive. 

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