Construction & Refit

The construction industry produces 59% of all the waste generated in the UK – over 150 million tonnes of it every year.

Construction & Refit

During the construction of a 2000 square foot home, an average of 8000 lbs of waste is typically dumped into landfill. But it is estimated that roughly 60% of what is put into landfill every year could be recycled, and in many cases, the materials that are discarded could be sold on, earning commercial producers of waste a rebate on those waste streams. Currently however, under traditional models of waste management, companies are paying to throw away valuable commodities.

Not only is this therefore a very wasteful way to dispose of materials, but with the cost of landfill tax factored in, it is a very costly way to dispose of waste too.

At The Waste Technology Group, we do things differently. We create cutting edge, cost efficient and environmentally friendly waste management solutions to solve your waste and cost challenges by using the technological solutions that already exist. There isn’t a single waste stream that we can’t find a solution for.

We start by ensuring as much of your waste is recycled as possible. The recycling of waste has many benefits – not only is it a cheaper way to deal with waste than landfill, but it can also have a big impact on the way your customers view your business too. One recent study of consumer demands* found that 84% of customers said when given the choice, they would choose a business which acts responsibly when it comes to social and environmental issues over one that doesn’t.

We know that disposing of waste in any sector can be a significant cost but the scale and complexity when it comes to dealing with construction waste, can present particular challenges. That’s why we take the time to listen to your concerns and design tailormade solutions to suit your business, whatever its size and service portfolio.

Why The Waste Technology Group?

Whether your aim is to cut waste, cut your carbon footprint, or simply to cut your costs, we work collaboratively with you to find innovative waste solutions that realise your aims and improve your statistics. We can even earn you money back on your recyclables with simple solutions such as on-site compactors, anaerobic digestors for food waste, balers and a whole host of other innovative equipment to help you achieve your recycling and sustainability goals. 

By partnering with The Waste Technology Group, we can help you;

Cost Efficiencies

Identify key areas where you could be making cost savings, typically 10-15% from day one


Design, implement and manage waste management solutions that work for your business


Produce monthly/quarterly and annual reports to measure your success and identify areas of improvement that can be used to drive further efficiencies and improvements.


Install cost-saving, on-site recycling equipment that helps increase your recycling rates and reduce your carbon footprint


With improvements to your waste collection and recycling systems, we can keep you one step ahead of the legislation, and design you a retail waste management strategy that you can be proud of.

Intelligent CRM

Our CRM system has smart routing built in. This means if you call with an enquiry, your case remains open with that customer service representative till its closed. No more explaining the situation 10 x over!

24/7 Customer Service

If your business is open, so are we. Our customer service team is on the end of the phone 24/7 to help you with any service related enquiries. 

Dedicated Customer Care

We promise that you will deal with the same customer service representative throughout your whole enquiry.

Service Offering

Our levels of service support don't end there. We pride 0urselves on our levels of customer care and have a complete package to support our clients from your very first phone call and throughout your time with us.

Account Management

Any client on the 180 or 360 package has access to a dedicated account manager. They are there to meet with you on a quarterly or half yearly basis to go through your sites performance and to keep you on track with your environmental and sustainability goals. They are also there as a point of escalation if you ever need them.

Email Support

Don't have time to call? You can log any service enquiries at any time of the day via our dedicated customer service email address: We promise to get back to you with a response in 1 hour. 

Waste Review

If you are interested in working with us and would like explore how we can help you. One of our Solutions Designers will come and meet you onsite and conduct a waste review. From the information they gather, they will put together a proposal of how we can help you and the levels of increased recycling, sustainability and savings you can expect to receive. 

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