Clinical Waste

we provide a fully compliant clinical waste management service.

Clinical Waste

There are stringent controls in place to ensure that clinical waste is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner, without harming the environment or human health and it is illegal to dispose of clinical waste (outside of a domestic setting) without a waste management licence.

Clinical waste legislation requires products such as nappies, sanitary waste and medical waste to be disposed of in a safe, legally compliant way in order to minimise the risk of infection. This doesn’t mean, however, that there are not innovative solutions available for the sustainable management of some types of clinical waste.

Clinical waste is strictly regulated by the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992. It is defined as being any product that consists either wholly or partly of:

  • Human or animal tissue
  • Blood or bodily fluids

  • Excretions
  • Drugs or other pharmaceutical products

  • Swabs or dressings
  • Syringes, needles or other sharp instruments which, unless rendered safe, may prove hazardous to any person coming into contact with them

  • Any other waste arising from medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, pharmaceutical or similar practice, investigation, treatment, teaching or research.

Our fully licensed nationwide service ensures that all your clinical waste is handled, stored, transported and treated in line with Department of Health guidelines.

Why The Waste Technology Group?

At The Waste Technology Group we take the handling of clinical waste very seriously and only work with contractors who pass the most stringent of checks. The Waste Technology Group can offer the following services to help manage your clinical waste requirements;

Onsite Waste Review

One of our consultants can attend your site and review your requirement and take detailed information of your clinical waste requirement.

Compliant Contractors

We can ensure the contractors servicing your sites have all the relevant licences in place. All contractors through us will attend site in compliant collection vehicles and the drivers will be ADR qualified.


Produce monthly/quarterly and annual reports to measure your success and identify areas of improvement that can be used to drive further efficiencies and improvements.


Install cost-saving, on-site recycling equipment that helps increase your recycling rates and reduce your carbon footprint


With improvements to your waste collection and recycling systems, we can keep you one step ahead of the legislation, and design you a waste management strategy that you can be proud of.

Service Offerings

Service Success

Our service success rate averages at 98%, meaning by working with The waste Technology Group you will experience the best services levels in the industry.

Account Management

Our Account Management Team are on hand to meet you on a quarterly / half yearly basis to help keep your solution on track.


Our reporting system give you all the detail you require to help manage your waste solution.


You can contact our customer service team via phone on 01908 410 530 or email;

Contractor Compliance

The contractors on our supply chain are regularly checked to ensure they meet all compliance criteria, meaning you can rest assured that your waste and recyclables are being collected by official contractors who are handling your waste responsibly.

Fast Turnaround

We can have solutions designed and rolled out on your premises in as little as 2 - 4 weeks. 

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