Commodity Trading

We can provide you with a return on your environmental investment.

Commodity Trading

If everyone in the world consumed as much as we do in the UK, humans would need three planet Earths to continue supporting us.

Due to population growth and increasing consumption across the world, there is an increasing scarcity of many of the raw materials that we rely on for our global economy in the 21st century. One result of this is that a growing market has emerged for those things most of us currently discard as waste. Our specialism is finding the value in those products you would otherwise throw away. 

By utilising the technology the waste industry has to offer and using simple equipment such as balers, you can harness the value of these materials and get a return on material that you would otherwise throwaway.

The Waste Technology Group can provide your organisation with the equipment you need to turn these materials into a commodity and provide the service backing to have it collected and rebates provided to you.

Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the recyclables market allows us to maximise your profits for the commodities you will begin to produce and in the process, earning you dividends, reducing your carbon footprint and bolstering your organisation’s eco credentials.

Whatever the by-products of your business are, we can find a way of turning it into a source of revenue for you.

Why The Waste Technology Group?

Whether your aim is to cut waste, cut your carbon footprint, or simply to cut your costs, we work collaboratively with you to find innovative waste solutions that realise your aims and improve your statistics. We can even earn you money back on your recyclables with simple solutions such as on-site compactors, anaerobic digestors for food waste, balers and a whole host of other innovative equipment to help you achieve your recycling and sustainability goals. 

By partnering with The Waste Technology Group, we can help you;

Cost Efficiencies

Identify key areas where you could be making cost savings, typically 10-15% from day one


Design, implement and manage waste management solutions that work for your business


Produce monthly/quarterly and annual reports to measure your success and identify areas of improvement that can be used to drive further efficiencies and improvements.


Install cost-saving, on-site recycling equipment that helps increase your recycling rates and reduce your carbon footprint


With improvements to your waste collection and recycling systems, we can keep you one step ahead of the legislation, and design you a retail waste management strategy that you can be proud of.

Intelligent CRM

Our CRM system has smart routing built in. This means if you call with an enquiry, your case remains open with that customer service representative till its closed. No more explaining the situation 10 x over!

24/7 Customer Service

If your business is open, so are we. Our customer service team is on the end of the phone 24/7 to help you with any service related enquiries. 

Dedicated Customer Care

We promise that you will deal with the same customer service representative throughout your whole enquiry.

Our reporting system
gives you the complete picture

By using The Waste Technology Groups online portal you will have access to all of your waste related data. From collection allowances to compliance documentation and a self serve area for signage, everything you require is at the click of a mouse.

"WasteTech's online portal has given me the ability to not just look at what we have done, but enabled me to put strategies in place to target waste reduction"

Tom Smyth, Service Manager

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